Equitable Metals is a leading expert in precious metal recycling and servicing in the medical, industrial manufacturing, and jewelery industries. Some of the most common forms of
metal that we support for our customers and suppliers are:


X-ray film, jewelry, solders, contact points, pastes, sludge, industrial scrap, flatware, coins.


Jewelry, pastes, sludge, plating, electronic boards, computer chips, bars, chemical catalysts, and dental scrap


Platinum Group Metal (PGMs), jewelry, pastes, sludge, wires, industrial scrap, aircraft parts, chemical catalysts, sputter targets, electrophysiology (also know as EP) catheters, angioplasty guide wires, electrophoresis electrodes, crucibles, and thermal coupler wire in metallurgical laboratories


Chemical catalysts, industrial scrap


Jewelry, wire, catalytic converter foil, industrial scrap, chemical catalysts