Equitable Metals is your smart partner for precious metal recycling programs and services in hospitals and clinics. With advanced technology, we support all of your scrap recycling and precious metal processing needs including medical x-ray film, platinum devices such as electrophysiology catheter tips, and dental scrap.

With over three decades of service to the medical industry, Equitable Metals has earned recognition as a trusted partner in recycling medical x-ray film. Silver is recovered in x-ray film in a HIPAA compliant manner and all sensitive information is destroyed during the recycling process. Equitable Metals also provides scheduled pickup and deliveries to synchronize with your recycling needs. It is an ideal way for healthcare institutions to not only reduce waste but to recover costs and develop environmentally friendly operations.

Industrial Manufacturing

For more than 30 years, Equitable Metals has been a top partner to manufacturing companies across several industries including the automotive and hi-tech industries. Many manufacturing companies use precious metals as components in their products or the manufacturing process, which often leaves waste or residual, creating precious metal scrap. Rather than pay to dispose of manufacturing scrap, you could instead be receiving money for recycling the precious metal that is extracted and recovered from scrap material. At Equitable Metals, we support all of your precious scrap metal processing needs. We also play a role in keeping your manufacturing operations running smoothly and provide scheduled pickup and deliveries to synchronize with your production schedules.

Jewelers  |  Pawn Shops  |  Individuals

Equitable Metals works with jewelers, pawn shops and individuals for all your precious metal jewelry recycling and processing needs. As a reputable broker, processer, and assayer Equitable Metals is a preferred choice to turn precious metal and jewelry into a profitable revenue stream. Equitable Metals has some of the most competitive prices available and offers on the spot payments for all your precious metal pieces. With a highly competitive commodities market Equitable Metals also offers consignment opportunities, giving jewelers and pawn shops the option to choose when to sell for bar and coin exchanges.